Set Up Instructions

Step 1:

Space the 5 tiles evenly and sequentially with the number on the left increasing in value toward the opponent(s).The tiles closest to the players should be flush with the outside of the playing surface. Each team will have the same view of the tiles but from opposite directions. A diagram showing the tiles on a 6 foot table with a 3 inch space is depicted below. Alternatively, an 8 foot table would have the tiles evenly spaced out at 6 inches apart. 

Step 2:

Place each ring on the ground, centered with the playing surface, on each side of the playing surface approximately one medium step away (2 feet).  For more advanced players who like a challenge, decrease the distance of each ring from the playing surface. The closer each ring is to the surface platform, the more difficult the shot. 


Step 3:

You’re ready to play! Choose your playing style and have fun!