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"I bought Skipball for my elementary school classroom and the students love it! It is a great game for hand eye coronation and keeps the kids very intrigued, they get so excited when they hit certain shots!"

-Carolyn R (4th Grade Teacher)


"My family and I have played Skipball at several family events this summer. It was a fun family game that gave us quality time together. It was both challenging and fun, and we are looking forward to playing it indoors this winter. It can be played anywhere, anytime" 

-Mark H


"The best part about Skipball is that there are so many ways to be creative. There is never a dull moment and I am always up for a challenge!"

-Alyssa R


"We played Skipball at our family reunion in teams and had a blast! It is portable and great to bring along to family events."

-Mary W


"I have to tell you we were at a house party and a person mentioned that they had bought Skipball and absolutely loved it!"



"It is a really fun game to play at school with my friends, and a great way to interact with my family" 

- Nick H