The Idea

The inception of SKIPBALL happened years ago in a high school classroom. A group of upperclassmen were looking to pass the time of a study hall period that never seemed to be used for studying.  A tennis ball and a thoughtfully placed line of desks served as the playing field to an innovative new game. Rules were added, changed, and disregarded as the game become more and more competitive. Add in a set of trash cans and the set up was complete. More advanced shots came into play as we became progressive in the game. Finally, the infamous SKIPBALL shot of all -- 5 desks in a row plus a successful trashcan make, which seemed impossible, became reality. This was the point in which the game allowed for endless combinations of shot calling, and needless to say, immeasurable fun for all.


David Hollingshead, Owner

David Hollingshead, Owner


Flash forward a few years to a college student eagerly wanting to dabble in a business of his own. The theory of the game was there, but with no real way to be able to play in any location. It was back to the drawing board to figure out a method to make the in-classroom game into a portable, family friendly game for all. The result is a product that allows friends and family to enjoy numerous laughs and a slight competitive nature to any get-together. From the park to the classroom,  from the back yard to the concert tailgate, and from the college courtyard to the graduation party, SKIPBALL has you covered for endless entertainment.

Why National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

SKIPBALL is a Proud partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If we can raise awareness, help in research, and most importantly create a smile when its needed most, then we have done our part. A small portion of positivity can mean the world to someone who is in need, and SKIPBALL will continue to strive to being a partner aiding in this cause.  Thank you for your support.

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