3 Games in 1

1. Original S-K-I-P-B-A-L-L  (Like H-O-R-S-E)

The most common way to play the game is to have teams ranging from 1-4 players split up on each side of the playing surface. The player on the team who goes first gets to call any shot that he or she wishes. If that person is successful with their shot, the opposing team must perform the same shot exactly as the original team. If the opposing team makes the shot, then the original team gets to make up a new shot to be played. If the opposing team misses the shot stated, then they receive a letter S and the original team gets a new shot. If the original team happens to miss the shot they called, the opposing team now calls any free shot that they want. This cycle continues until a team has the letters to spell
S-K-I-P-B-A-L-L, and thereby losing.

Example: Team one calls the shot 1-3-Ring and successfully makes the shot as stated. Team two must now make the same shot. If the shot is made, then team one gets the ball back for a free new shot. If team 2 misses, than they receive a letter S and team one gets the ball back. If team one happens to miss their own called shot, then they receive no letter and the opposing team now gets to call their own shot.

2. Standard "21"  (Like Cornhole)

In this version of the game, each tile is worth one point, and each ring is worth three points. When a player calls his or her shot, that individual will then add up the number of tiles and rings successfully made. Play alternates between the two teams. The first team to reach 21 points wins. If a shot is called and missed, zero points are awarded and the other team receives the ball. The winner needs to win by 2 points.

Example: Team one calls the shot 1-3-Ring and successfully makes it - they now have a point total of 1+1+3 equaling 5. Team two now plays and calls the shot 1-2-5 and successfully makes it - they now have a point total of 1+1+1 equaling 3. The score is 5-3 after one round. Teams alternate play. The game ends when a team’s score totals 21. Must win by two.

3. Ladder "21"

In this version of the game, the first tile closest to the player is worth 1 point, the second worth 2 points, and so on, with the farthest tile being worth 5 points. The ring in this game is worth a whopping 6 points. The game points are totaled similar to standard “21” but with cancelation by the other team allowed --meaning if one team scores 8 points and then the opposing team follows up with 6 points, then team one only scores 2 points total. Game goes to 21, win by 2. Try to see if you can get the max score of 21 in one shot, winning in one turn!

Example: Team one calls the shot 1-3-Ring and successfully makes the shot – they would add 1+3+6 equaling 10 points. Team 2 now has the option of choosing to perform the same shot causing the cancellation of the opposing team’s points for that play, or choosing to make any shot above or below the stated points. If team two chooses not to do the same shot and instead calls 2-4 and successfully makes the play, they then they have the points of 2+4 equaling 6. That cancels with team one’s 10 points, making the score 4-0. If a team misses after a shot is made, then that team collects all the points of their turn. 

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